What to Look for in a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

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Being injured can take lot out of you.  On top of the physical recovery, you are also tasked with working through what can be a difficult process to make a financial recovery.  Most people realize after a few conversations with their insurance company, or as the medical bills start to pile up that they need a lawyer.  Talk about piling on, now you need to figure out how to find the right attorney.  Here are a few tips for what to look for, or look out for, while working through the “free consultation” offered by most injury law firms.

If You Went to a Large Injury Firm in Florida

Did you meet with one of the lawyers with their name on the front of the building?  Or were you shuffled off to a paralegal or junior associate?  A firm with the five best lawyers in the world isn't going to do you any good if none of them ever look at or work on your case.  Pay attention to who is paying attention to you during your free consultation, it's a good reflection of how important your case is to the firm.

Mike Cerasa will personally handle every aspect of your case from your first consultation until the final check is cut. 

If You Went to a Small General Practitioner

You might have met with a lawyer who also handles family law or real estate transactions.  No disrespect to the general practice lawyer, but injury law can be very nuanced and complex.  You only get one shot at making a recovery for your injuries; make sure your attorney has ample experience in accident and injury law to get you the result you deserve.

Mike Cerasa's entire practice is based on making the best possible recovery for his clients from insurance companies. 

If It Was Difficult to Get an Attorney on the Phone

An attorney who is too busy for you is like hardly having an attorney.  To have the best shot at a fair recovery, your lawyer needs to be responsive to opposing counsel, the insurance company (or companies), and most importantly, you. 

Mike Cerasa prides himself on being accessible to his clients to answer questions and ensure that the process keeps on moving forward.

If the Attorney is Now Aggressively and Repeatedly Calling You Back

There are some injury attorneys who are very aggressive in pursuing new business.  While every attorney loves to get a new client, you also have a right to feel like the attorney is respecting your space and  giving you time to make a decision, that is very likely an indicator of how they will handle your actual case.  Attorneys who rush their clients to sign up will likely rush them to accept a quick offer, and not necessarily the best offer.  You do NOT want to be rushed through this process.

Mike Cerasa's goal is to get the best possible outcome to fully compensate you for your injuries even if that takes some extra time and effort on your lawyer's part. 

If The Attorney Is Promising a Certain Outcome or Timeline

While it's very normal to have questions like “how long will my injury claim take to resolve?” or “how much is my injury worth?” those questions are very difficult to answer.  If your lawyer is setting specific amounts or timelines that is a little bit of a red flag.  Every injury recovery process is unique and there are several variables when it comes to insurance coverage.

You can count on Mike to give you the information that he knows, but not speculate on what MIGHT happen. 

Free Consultation. No Pressure, High Information Meeting About Your Recovery

The first step for someone who is hurt is to simply speak with a few lawyers.  I am happy to talk to you either in person at a location convenient to you or over the phone about your injury.  If you tell me about your injury and who was involved, I can try to give you some general guidelines about how we can work towards the best outcome.   

Questions about an Auto Accident in Florida?

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