Storm Related Claims

Weather Related Claims & Home Owners Insurance

Central Florida Lawyer to Help Protect Your Rights when the Insurance Company Won’t Pay

Hurricanes, tornados, floods, lightning and other severe weather are a fact of life for you if you choose to call Florida home. If you have suffered hurricane or other storm damage to your home, condominium, business, automobile, or boat, you may have nowhere else to turn but to your insurance company for help.

Unfortunately, you may discover that your insurance company has denied or devalued or delayed your storm insurance claim. The hard truth is insurance companies are in business to make a profit for themselves. The interests of their policyholders are secondary to those of their shareholders. As a result, insurance adjusters will do anything in their power to pay out the least amount possible to their policyholders.

Attorney Michael D. Cerasa knows how insurance companies work. He knows the tricks they will use to intimidate you and put you on the defensive regarding your damage claim. He knows how to deal with the insurance company’s attorneys. Cerasa’s team of experts have all worked for the major insurance carriers in the past, and know what to watch out for when it comes to the often evasive and “creative” damage appraisal techniques of the major carriers.

Mr. Cerasa’s practice focuses on the following areas:

  • Hurricane, tornado, flood, lightning, and sinkhole damage claims
  • Water, mold, and fire damage claims
  • Homeowner’s, condominium owners, renter’s, and rental property owners claims
  • Business and commercial property damage claims
  • Automobile and boat damage claims

Michael Cerasa is dedicated to honesty, integrity, quality, and providing a highly-personalized representation of individuals and businesses. He does not represent insurance companies.

If your place of residence or business has suffered damage from a hurricane or other extreme weather, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced hurricane damage attorney. Michael Cerasa knows how to get you the maximum amount of compensation you deserve from your insurance carrier.

You do not have to deal with uncooperative insurance companies by yourself. Michael D. Cerasa is here to help. Please contact us today and we will be glad to set up a free consultation for you. Se habla espanol.

Questions about a Storm Related Claim or Trouble with Your Insurance?

I can help. Contact me for a free initial consultation. When you have an attorney on your side, the insurance company has a tendency to take your claim much more seriously. Don’t be a victim of the storm and your insurance company; call 407 995 6770 or click here to contact us online today.

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