Trucking Accidents


We Can Help You Find the People Responsible for Your Injuries

Truck accidents are an entirely different beast from car accidents. Not only can a truck do far more damage than a car, determining all of the liable parties is somewhat trickier. While the truck driver may have been the person most directly responsible for the accident, their employer and the truck owner can also play a role in these cases.

The injuries from these accidents can be devastating to both the victims and their families. At The Cerasa Law Firm LLC, our experienced Longwood truck accident lawyer can help you track down all of the people who need to answer for this tragedy. You deserve the fullest compensation possible to recover from this incident.

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Truck Drivers Are Held to High Standards

A truck can be an incredibly dangerous weapon if mishandled. Anyone who drives or utilizes a truck’s services needs to understand that they are taking an important responsibility in order to ensure the safety of other drivers. There are numerous state and federal regulations that truckers and their employers must follow to limit their liability and maintain safety on the highways. Unfortunately, these rules are often broken or ignored in order to meet demanding deadlines. When these rules are broken, the fault for an accident usually lies with the trucker and the person who entrusted the truck to the driver.

The following are some of the federal regulations imposed on truck drivers:

  • Drivers must pass a physical exam every 2 years
  • Drivers can only work up to 70 hours in 8 consecutive days
  • Drivers must keep a record of their time at work, including all stops
  • Drivers can only drive up to 11 hours per day before a 10-hour rest

Many truck drivers are pressured to break these rules to speed up deliveries, which is why fault lies just as much with the employer as the drivers themselves.

Speak With an Attorney As Soon as Possible

Insurance companies and truck driver employers are used to defending themselves against truck accident claims. While they may seem friendly, their ultimate goal is to minimize their responsibility. They may even offer you an early settlement right away, but you should not forfeit your right to legal action without speaking with an attorney first.

At The Cerasa Law Firm LLC, our Longwood truck accident attorney can help you determine what your case is really worth. We help our clients fight for their maximum compensation so that they can work towards a fuller recovery.

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