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Wide Turn Truck Accidents

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It doesn’t take much for a tractor trailer performing a simple left turn to cause a bad truck accident. Due to their size and design, semis and other large trucks need two lanes to turn. To make a safe left turn, a trucker needs to check for traffic. When all is clear, the driver goes into the next lane – sometimes crossing the yellow lines. This widens the turn-radius enough to get a tractor and trailer around a corner.

The Cerasa Law Firm LLC has seen it before. If a trucker is distracted or speeding to make a deadline, he may not see an oncoming car or a motorcycle passing on the right. All of a sudden, a trip to Lake Eola or an amusement park turns into a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler.

Large trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Any accident with a big rig is serious. If you or a loved one was recently injured in a truck accident, it’s important for you to talk with a lawyer. You are almost certainly owed money to cover your medical expenses and any other losses you’re suffering due to someone else’s negligence.

Our firm gives truck accident victims free case evaluations. We know that no two cases are the same. We will listen to you talk about the crash, what you lost, and what you need to get your life back on track. Together we will build a strong strategy designed to get you maximum compensation for your damages.

Who is at fault in a wide turn accident?

Assigning fault in a wide turn accident is complicated for a couple of reasons.

One: There are many more people than just the trucker who may be responsible for the wreck. Among those people who may be liable in a wide turn truck accident are the:

  • Truck driver
  • Trucking company
  • Truck owner
  • Cargo owner
  • Cargo loaders
  • Maintenance crews
  • Truck parts manufacturer.

Two: The at-fault person’s insurance company may accuse you of contributing to the accident by speeding or driving recklessly.

When the insurance companies try to take advantage of accident victims, truck accident lawyer Michael Cerasa gets to work. It is unfair to hold victims responsible for someone else’s carelessness.

An Orlando lawyer ready to fight for you

If you were hurt in a truck accident, it’s important to contact a lawyer with experience in Orlando and the rest of Central Florida as soon as possible. You want a law firm to start investigating the accident right away.

The longer you wait, the more difficult it is to obtain accurate witness statements, evidence at the scene of the crash, and other information that can make the difference in winning your case.

Our firm gives you the attention and respect you deserve following a truck accident. Attorney Cerasa knows you’re in pain, probably home from work, and struggling with decisions about what to do next. He makes the claim process easier for clients.

With the skills he honed working at a large law firm, Attorney Cerasa has the negotiating style you need coupled with the customer service you can only get from a smaller firm.

You can expect one-on-one attention, guidance every step of the way, to be kept informed of your case’s progress, honest counsel, and a thorough investigation of the accident. You can trust that our firm will fight for the maximum compensation you are owed.

We are so confident in our firm’s ability to win substantial settlements and verdicts that Attorney Cerasa represents most accident victims on contingency. This means that our legal fee is calculated into your final award. We only get paid when we win.

Contact The Cerasa Law Firm LLC today for a free case consultation. We will talk with you about how the law applies to your situation, the value of your claim, and help you weigh your legal options.

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