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Commercial Vehicle Accidents in Florida

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There are more commercial motor vehicles on the road now than ever before. This also means that there are more commercial vehicle truck accidents than ever before, too. Thousands are injured in commercial motor vehicle (CMV) accidents in the U.S. each year.

The Cerasa Law Firm LLC fights for the victims of commercial vehicle accidents so they can recover the financial compensation they deserve. Whether you were hurt on I-4, East Colonial Drive in Orlando, Lee Road in Winter Park or anywhere else in Central Florida, we can help.

Accidents involving commercial motor vehicles such as tractor-trailers, garbage trucks, delivery vans, taxis and dump trucks tend to be complicated because of how many people are involved. Having a knowledgeable Florida lawyer on your side can help you figure out who may owe you for your damages. People who may be liable for your injuries in commercial vehicle accidents include the:

  • Driver
  • Driver’s employer (transportation company)
  • Vehicle owner
  • Cargo owner
  • Cargo loader
  • Vehicle parts manufacturers
  • Maintenance crews
  • Inspectors

Every one of these people or businesses will likely have their own insurance companies and lawyers trying to place the blame on anyone other than their clients.

An Orlando lawyer ready to fight for you

Insurance companies aren’t exactly known for their generosity. They are almost certainly not going to give you a full payout for your injuries the first time you ask for it. If you or a loved one has been in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you don’t want to be the only one negotiating without a lawyer.

Having an aggressive Orlando lawyer represent your accident claim lets the insurance companies know that you are serious about recovery and holding the at-fault parties responsible for their negligence.

By choosing attorney Michael Cerasa to represent you, you are also putting the insurance companies on notice – if they want a fight, they’ve got one.

When the insurance companies fail to agree to a fair settlement, attorney Cerasa is ready to take them to court.

Our firm offers free case consultations. We also takes most commercial motor vehicle accident cases on contingency, which means our fee is calculated into the final settlement or verdict. We only get paid when we win.

What qualifies as a commercial motor vehicle?

In Florida, to qualify as commercial, a vehicle must be used for the paid transportation of people or goods, have a gross weight rating of 10,000 pounds or more, be designed to transport 15 or more passengers, or be used in the transportation of hazardous materials.

Types of commercial motor vehicles include heavy trucks, maxi-cube vehicles, motor carriers, semi-trailers, straight trucks, tandem trailer trucks and truck tractors.

How much is my commercial truck accident claim worth?

People who are hit by a commercial vehicle have the right to seek compensation just the same as if the accident involved passenger sedans. You may be owed money for medical bills, car repairs or replacement, lost income, diminished earning potential, loss of enjoyment, physical therapy, long term care and more.

Even though it’s rare, victims of commercial vehicle accidents may also be able to recover punitive damages. These types of awards are reserved for the most serious of cases to punish at-fault people who acted negligent to the extreme or willfully put people at risk for the sake of a bigger profit.

Every accident is different, so there is no average settlement or verdict amount for commercial vehicle accident claims.

I might be partially responsible for the accident; can I still seek compensation for my injuries?

Even if you think you may have some liability, do not agree to accepting blame for an accident without first consulting a lawyer. It takes time to sort out what happened in a crash and you may be less liable than you believe. Any admission of guilt will reduce your settlement or verdict.

Florida is a pure comparative fault state, which means that your final award will be reduced by however much responsibility you have in causing the accident. Blame is either negotiated for a settlement or, if a lawsuit is filed, assigned by a court. This means that, for example, if your final settlement was estimated at $100,000, but you were found to be 25% at fault for the accident, the payout would be $75,000.

Get the attorney that spends more time on your case than on TV

Attorney Michael Cerasa is passionate about fighting for accident victims’ rights. That’s why he spends more time working cases than on TV.

Most TV lawyers make their money by quickly settling claims for a high volume of clients. Because their business model relies on speed, this type of attorney has a lot less time to investigate your claim and uncover evidence that will increase your compensation.

You can expect our firm to fully investigate your claim and find evidence other lawyers may miss. Attorney Cerasa started his career working in big law firms. That means we can offer the skills and resources of a larger firm but also provide you with one-on-one attention.

We represent most truck accident victims on contingency, which means our legal fee is paid by the at-fault party’s insurance – not you. We only get paid when we win.

Contact our firm today for a free case evaluation. We will listen to the details of the accident and what you need to get your life back on track. Together, we will develop a strategy designed to get you maximum compensation on your claim.

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