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Red-Light Runners Are a Big Problem in Florida

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An Orlando car accident lawyer reveals what drivers should know

According to a recent study by the National Coalition for Safer Roads, Florida is the 3rd worst state in the U.S. for fatal crashes caused by drivers who run red lights. On average, 84 people die every year in Florida car accidents that are the end result of a negligent driver who didn't stop for a red light. Only California (128 red-light-running fatalities) and Texas (101) had more deaths from this type of crash.

If you were hit by a driver who ran a red light, understanding your rights and what steps you need to take to recover your losses can feel tough—especially when you're injured and in pain. Personal injury claims involving intersection accidents can quickly turn into highly contested legal battles because fault for the collision is often disputed.

Crashes caused by drivers running red lights

Anyone who has been driving long enough has probably witnessed another motorist speed up to beat a yellow light and barrel through the intersection as the traffic signal switches to solid red. The problem isn't anything that's unique to just Florida—nationwide, 843 people lost their lives and another 143,000 were injured in crashes caused by red-light runners.

This type of negligence doesn't just put other drivers at risk. In fact, over 50% of the fatalities involving red-light accidents included pedestrians and bicyclists (along with passengers in other vehicles).

Crash data from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV)  reveals the red-light accident death toll reached 85 in 2019. There were also 903 severe injuries, 3,680 "minor" injuries, and 6,945 "possible injuries."

In a study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the typical profile of a red-light runner is a young male who has most likely been in a car accident before, and/or has been convicted of driving under the influence.

Dangerous Florida intersections

It's no secret that there are many dangerous roads and intersections in Central Florida, but which ones are the worst in the metro area when it comes to car accidents? MetroPlan Orlando spearheaded a study to find out.

Here are the results:

  • Conroy Road at S Kirkman Road
  • W Sand Lake Road at International Drive
  • Turkey Lane Road at W Sand Lake Road
  • Sr-536 at Kissimmee-Vineland Road and World Center Drive
  • N Semoran Boulevard at Aloma Avenue
  • E Colonial Drive at Dean Road N
  • S John Young Parkway at W Oak Ridge Road
  • S Semoran Boulevard at Curry Ford and Semoran Boulevard S
  • S Orange Blossom at W Oak Ridge Road
  • N Garland Avenue at W Colonial Drive

Common types of intersection accidents include head-on collisions, left-turn crashes, right-turn crashes, rear-end accidents, speed-related crashes, and accidents involving pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcycle riders.

Legal help is available for Florida crash victims

One of the most critical pieces of evidence to determine fault in an intersection accident caused by a driver who ran a red light is video footage of the crash that's recorded by the traffic camera (if available). That footage, along with eyewitness testimony and , can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of your case.

Actually obtaining and preserving that evidence is where crash victims can run into obstacles. Video footage of your crash may have been overwritten or deleted. You might not know how to track down those who witnessed your accident, or your Florida Traffic Crash Report might have errors.

The last thing you need when you've been severely injured in an accident that wasn't your fault is more problems. But when you're dealing with insurance companies, that's exactly what you get. That's because auto insurance companies have a financial incentive to pay crash victims as little money as possible. They don't look at your claim as anything more than numbers in a formula, and they certainly don't have your best interests at heart

At The Cerasa Law Firm LLC, we can fight for every dollar you deserve. We know how to obtain and preserve red-light camera footage. We know how to go through every detail of your accident report to ensure it's factual and paints an accurate picture of your crash. And we know how to build compelling cases that can't be ignored by insurance adjusters.

Find out what our law firm can do for you and contact us today for a free consultation. Our office is located on West Morse Boulevard in Winter Park, and we proudly represent clients throughout Central Florida. We also offer legal representation on a contingency fee basis.

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