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Facial Injuries Are Common in Car Accidents

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The force of impact of a car accident can cause serious damage to any part of the body. Among the most life-altering injuries possible are injuries to the head and face.

One study of patients at a regional trauma center found that facial trauma was the single most common injury in people admitted as a result of motor vehicle accidents. Of those patients, a strong majority – 78 percent – had major soft tissue injuries, while the remaining 22 percent had broken bones in the face.

How car accidents cause facial injuries

Any type of motor vehicle accident can result in a facial injury, including head-on, rear-end, and side-impact collisions. Many facial injuries are caused by hitting the face on the steering wheel, dashboard, a window, or another hard surface in the vehicle. Flying objects, whether that’s shattered glass, debris, or foreign objects puncturing the vehicle, can also cause injuries to the face. Some of the most severe facial injuries are sustained when people are ejected from cars – either from going through the broken glass of the window or from hitting the road surface face-first – and burn injuries from fires in the wreckage.

The most commonly broken bone in the face in a motor vehicle accident is the nasal bone (broken nose). Car accidents can also cause broken jaws and even broken eye sockets, which in turn can cause serious damage to the eye itself. Soft tissue injuries can be serious as well: facial lacerations and abrasions can cause lasting damage to the nerves and muscles in the face, and burns may require reconstructive surgery.

Moreover, whenever there is an injury to the face, there is a high likelihood of a concussion or traumatic brain injury as well.

The high cost of facial injuries in car crashes

While some facial injuries are relatively minor and heal completely, others cause lasting damage. Damage to the eyes or ears can lead to permanent vision or hearing loss. Broken jaws and other fractures may take months to heal, significantly affecting your quality of life. Some facial injuries lead to permanent scarring and physical deformities, which can affect the victim’s appearance, confidence, and future.

Some of the damages (financial compensation) a facial injury victim may be able to pursue include:

  • Medical expenses for initial treatment, medication, follow-up visits, and reconstructive surgery.
  • Medical devices such as vision or hearing aids.
  • Future medical expenses, such as additional surgery or long-term care.
  • Lost wages and lost future income.
  • Pain and suffering.

Insurance companies, of course, know that facial injuries are serious business, so you need to be proactive to protect your rights. There are two things you absolutely must do after a car crash involving a facial injury: get medical attention to diagnose and document your injuries, and talk to a car accident attorney.

Get results with an experienced Orlando car accident lawyer

Facial injuries can have lifelong consequences, so you need an attorney who puts your future first. The insurance companies are notorious for “lowballing” people who may have future expenses in order to settle claims for as little as possible. With the right legal representation, you’ll put yourself in a better position to make a full recovery.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident anywhere in the Winter Park or Orlando area, take immediate action to protect your legal rights and options. Contact The Cerasa Law Firm LLC for a free, confidential case consultation.

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