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5 Tips For Filing A Hurricane Ian Damage Claim In Florida

Fallen tree on top of a car with storm debris all around.

You need to be prepared if you're going to file a Hurricane claim.

Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc when it hit Florida in September. Strengthening to a Category 4 storm (sustained winds of 130 to 156 mph) just before making landfall on the Gulf Coast of Florida on Sept. 28, Hurricane Ian killed 101 people, including 92 confirmed dead in Florida, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

In addition, Hurricane Ian caused billions of dollars in property damage in Florida and other parts of the country. As of this writing, Florida residents have filed more than 543,000 insurance claims for more than $6 billion in estimated losses, according to Florida's Governor's office.

So how do property owners in Florida file an insurance claim for damage caused by Hurricane Ian? Who's eligible to be financially compensated? And is there any additional government assistance available to Hurricane Ian victims in Florida? You can find the answers to all these questions and additional information below, courtesy of an Orlando weather-related damage claims lawyer from the Cerasa Law Firm.

Who can file a Hurricane Ian insurance claim?

First, let's explain who's eligible to file a Hurricane Ian insurance claim in Florida. The bottom line is anyone with insurance that covers hurricane damage should be able to file an insurance claim if their property was damaged by Hurricane Ian.

This might sound simple. But the insurance claims process can be much more complicated than many might expect. And just because you should be compensated does not always mean that you will automatically be compensated for property damage covered by insurance.

What do Hurricane Ian insurance claims cover?

If your insurance covers hurricane damage, you should be eligible to receive money for property damaged by Hurricane Ian. Most homeowners in Florida have hurricane insurance in the form of windstorm insurance.

If your insurance policy covers your damage, you could be eligible to receive money for the following:

  • Wind-related property damage to your home
  • Flood-related property damage to your home
  • Compensation for clothing, furniture, or other possessions damaged by hurricane
  • Money for damage to your car caused by Hurricane Ian (which may be covered by your car insurance policy)

Is federal funding available for Hurricane Ian victims?

In certain circumstances, state and federal funding is available for Hurricane Ian victims in Florida. Such funding may be available for individuals who qualify for financial assistance provided by the Florida Disaster Fund and FEMA, especially in the form of Disaster Unemployment Assistance for eligible survivors.

However, as with private insurance claims, obtaining financial assistance from the state or federal government for Hurricane Ian can be a complicated legal process. This is why it's often best to talk to a Florida attorney who understands how the process actually works in the state.

5 tips for filing a Hurricane Ian insurance claim

If you think you qualify for financial compensation in the form of a Hurricane Ian insurance claim, here are 5 tips that can help improve the odds of obtaining the money you rightfully deserve.

  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible – The sooner you call your insurance company and tell them what happened, the faster you can get the insurance claim's process started.
  • Take as many photos as possible of property damaged by the hurricane – Insurance companies want proof that your property was damaged by Hurricane Ian. Photos of your damaged property (especially on a cellphone with a time-stamped date on the photo) can help strengthen your insurance claim.
  • Make a detailed list of all items damaged by the hurricane – Write down everything that was damaged by Hurricane Ian, along with the estimated value of such items.
  • Keep all receipts for all hurricane-related purchases – Such receipts might include money spent on hotel rooms or restaurant meals if you were displaced by Hurricane Ian, along with new clothes purchased to replace damaged clothing. Keep every receipt. This proves how much you spent due to damage caused by Hurricane Ian.
  • Talk to a lawyer right away if you have any questions – The sooner you talk to an experienced attorney, the better.

How an Orlando weather-related damage claims attorney can help

Filing an insurance claim for weather-related damage caused by Hurricane Ian can be a complicated legal process. Insurance companies can sometimes be difficult as well, especially if your claim is for thousands of dollars or significantly more.

An experienced Orlando weather-related damage claims lawyer at the Cerasa Law Firm can help you every step of the way. We know how to gather evidence supporting a hurricane damage claim and can deal directly with your insurance company on your behalf.

Give your Hurricane Ian insurance claim the best opportunity for success. Contact us and schedule a free consultation with an Orlando Hurricane Ian insurance claim attorney you can count on in a crisis. We handle cases on a contingency fee basis. That means you only have to pay us if we secure a financial settlement or verdict for you.

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