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Get compensated for hurricanes, tropical storms, and sinkholes

Every year in Florida, wild weather causes billions of dollars in property destruction. In exchange for living in the Sunshine State with our beautiful beaches, temperatures, and culture, Floridians endure property damage and personal injuries due to floods, lightning, tornados, cyclones, high winds, and extreme heat, as well as hurricane season.

After a natural disaster, The Cerasa Law Firm LLC knows that if you can’t get the insurance company to take your claim seriously you could wind up paying out of pocket for huge expenses like torn roof repairs, replacing crushed vehicles, hiring disaster clean-up crews, and buying new furniture.

We all know the deal. We take precautions, and it’s worth it – except when your insurance adjuster lowballs or rejects your claim. It’s hard to regain your property’s value without a proper payout.

Attorney Michael Cerasa forces insurance companies to keep their word to Floridians and provide payouts that fully cover all their damages.

Our firm represents claims for damages caused by a variety of weather. It doesn’t matter if a hurricane tore through your condo in Melbourne, tornados destroyed your boat in Tampa Bay, your Gotha lakes home basement flooded, or a Windermere sinkhole ate your Mercedes, we can help you.

Who can file weather-related damages claim?

All kinds of property owners can file weather-related insurance claims including homeowners, condominium owners, renters, rental property owners, business and commercial property owners, as well as car, boat, and jet ski or other personal watercraft owners.

Do I need a lawyer? Isn’t my insurance adjuster on my side?

Seeing as you pay them, you would think so, but adjusters work for the insurance companies and their shareholders – not you. The insurance industry earns billions of dollars in profit every year by denying and minimizing legitimate claims at the expense of other people’s health and financial stability.

Insurance adjusters are very good at asking leading questions during a tour of your property damage. You gave the insurance company the simple “yes,” “no,” or phrase they were waiting to hear. They will twist your innocent words into an admission of fault on your part to justify a tiny settlement.

An experienced Florida attorney will handle the insurance company for you and quickly shut down their trick questions. I-4 corridor insurance adjusters know Attorney Cerasa and his no nonsense, aggressive approach to negotiations. Since adjusters and lawyers understand that they can’t stump or fool attorney Cerasa, they play fewer games. They also offer better settlements to avoid facing us in court.

What are the damages for which I can seek compensation?

Thousands of Florida residents and snowbirds must contend with annual weather-related property destruction. Usually, the damage is mild. The following are some of the weather-related damage expenses for which you could seek compensation:

  • Garage and shed repair
  • Wind damage to roof and siding
  • Debris clean-up
  • Fence repairs
  • Fire damage
  • Destroyed personal property
  • Broken windows and glass
  • Structural damage
  • Temporary relocation expenses

How much is my weather-related damage claim worth?

By hiring a Central Florida attorney who knows the local insurance adjusters and court system, you are almost guaranteed to get a larger settlement than if you went up against the insurance company’s corporate lawyers alone.

Attorney Cerasa knows how to investigate weather-related claims and find damage you may have missed. He will collect evidence, expert testimony and witness statements that can solidify your case. Attorney Cerasa knows how to build arguments the insurance companies can’t deny and if they try, he is more than happy to get you a substantial monetary verdict in court instead of a settlement.

You may have seen lawyers on TV promising windfalls of cash and excellent attention to your case, but don’t buy it. Many TV lawyers will promise you the world but spend time they should be working on your case in the studio. It's hard to focus on what a client needs when you’re being pampered in a makeup chair.

With Attorney Cerasa you will get one-on-one attention from a lawyer with big firm experience.

Our firm can get you the maximum compensation for your claim. We have years of experience calculating settlements. We know exactly which damages the insurance companies owe you for and how much money they are required to give you to recover your property and reestablish a safe environment.

Can I afford an experienced Orlando attorney?

Yes, you can.

Attorney Michael Cerasa has been representing weather claims for Orlando residents and snowbirds for years. He provides his knowledgeable counsel and command of the law to most accident victims at no charge to them.

We give free case consultations to people filing weather-related claims. Contact us and a member of our legal team will listen to what happened and what you must do to rebound. Then we’ll explore your legal options. You have no obligation to hire us after the evaluation.

If you do choose to work with us, Attorney Cerasa will likely represent you and your claim on contingency. This means that there is no down payment, no retainer fee, and no hourly rate for you to pay. A contingency lawyer’s payment is calculated into the final settlement or verdict and is paid for by the insurance company. We only get paid when we win.

If you’re reeling from the destruction of a natural disaster or sinkhole and it feel like things are closing in on you, attorney Cerasa can push through to get you justice. Contact our firm for a free evaluation today and get the money you need and deserve for your recovery.

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