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We Take Slip and Fall Accidents Seriously

Attorney Michael Cerasa holds negligent parties accountable

Slip and fall accidents are a common cause of personal injuries. They are often devastating, painful, and expensive for victims and their families. The money and resources required to recover can be huge. The Cerasa Law Firm LLC fights for the rights of victims and helps them recover financial compensation.

About 1 million people wind up in hospital emergency rooms every year due to slip and falls. In just one year, Floridians paid more than $450 million out of pocket for fall-related treatments.

In Florida, the median admission charge for non-fatal, fall-related injury hospitalization at places like The Village, Osceola Regional Medical Center, and Central Florida Regional Hospital, is more than $52,000.

Your slip and fall accident is serious to you, your family, and our firm. Property owners owe you a reasonable degree of safety. By coming forward and filing a claim you are not only restoring a stable future for you and your family, but your claim will also help stop property owners from hurting others.

Determined to get you the compensation you deserve

Stop paying the price for someone else’s negligence. We stand up to ruthless insurance companies. Our firm knows that after a devastating accident, victims are in no condition to investigate what happened and fight a team of corporate insurance adjusters and lawyers that want to reject their claim.

Slip and fall attorney Michael Cerasa works hard researching your case. When he demands the insurance companies give you all you need to recover physically, emotionally, and financially, our firm has the evidence necessary to back it up.

Property owner’s responsibilities

People who own, or in many cases occupy, a rented home, condominium, apartment, or business have a responsibility to provide you with a reasonable level of safety – in some cases, even if you weren’t invited.

This goes for public properties like Orlando City Hall or government-owned parks like Lake Eola, too.

In general, Florida property owners must:

  • Reasonably correct or warn others of known dangers to the property in a manner that a visitor cannot or should not be able to miss
  • Maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition. In some cases, especially those involving businesses, the property owner may also be required to implement measures for the prevention of foreseeable third-party crimes, like an assault or mugging
  • Not cause willful or wanton injury – even to people who may have wandered onto the premises.

Florida slip and fall risk

Some of the most common injuries resulting from slip and falls include traumatic brain injury, brokens hip, neck or spinal fracture and contusion. These are often caused by slips or falls involving wheelchairs, beds or stairs.

Central Florida has a particularly high rate of unintentional fall-related injuries and deaths. In Orange County alone there are hundreds of serious slips and falls per 100,000 residents report per year.

To prevent slip and falls, the National Safety Council recommends that property owners keep floors and surfaces clear of clutter, install handrails on stairways, properly arrange furniture to create open pathways, maintain good lighting indoors and out, and keep electrical and phone cords out of traffic areas.

Get Cerasa, get results

If you or a loved one are the victim of a slip and fall accident, the insurance provider for the at-fault property owner should pay you money. Don’t worry, they have plenty of it. The insurance industry makes billions of dollars in profit every year by shortchanging injury and property damage victims. When your insurance adjuster pushes back on your claim, attorney Michael Cerasa will push through to get you justice.

Attorney Cerasa provides individual clients with a great degree of personal attention. You may have seen some lawyers on TV promising something similar. Attorney Cerasa believes that his results speak for themselves. All that time TV lawyers spend in studios, Attorney Cerasa spends working on your case.

Don’t let the insurance companies off the hook for the compensation they may be required to pay you. You must not let a property owner keep providing an unsafe experience for guests.

We know that after an accident it is a difficult financial time for anyone, that’s why we provide free case consultations. We will listen to you describe the details of your case, answer your legal questions, and plan an essential strategy to win your claim.

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