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Florida is one of a handful of states to adopt “No Fault” laws to help simplify the legal process of settling an auto accident. The idea behind the law is that drivers essentially insure themselves so that they can turn to their own insurance policy if they are injured. These insurance policies are called “Personal Injury Protection” policies and have a minimum amount of $10,000 of required coverage. While Florida is referred to as a “No-Fault State”, no-fault insurance is not the only policy that an injured driver can use to recover from their injuries.

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Combination of No-Fault and Standard Liability Systems

Because the minimum amount of coverage is $10,000, there are several instances where additional funds would be needed. In the case of a severe auto accident, $10,000 in medical expenses could be incurred in just the first few minutes of being air-lifted or taken from the scene in an ambulance. In these cases where there are more than $10,000 of medical expenses (or the limit of the PIP policy) incurred, an injury victim would look to recover from the other driver’s insurance.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer in a No-Fault State?

While the intent of the no-fault system was to simplify the process for an injured driver to recover for their injuries, the results have varied. There are cases where your own insurer will deny or devalue claims you are making against your own PIP policy. There are also cases where you either have permanent injuries or your medical treatments exceeded the policy limits and you will need to make a claim against the other driver’s insurance policy.

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At The Cerasa Law Firm LLC, we provide a free initial consultation to anyone who has been injured in an auto, truck, motorcycle or pedestrian accident. The meeting will last as long, or as short as you’d like. There is no cost for the meeting or obligation to move forward with your case. If you decide you would like to hire our Longwood personal injury attorney to represent you, there is no up-front fee, instead, we are paid a percentage of the recovery we secure on your behalf. If we don’t win, you do are not left with any legal fees.

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