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Highside And Lowside Motorcycle Accidents

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No matter how many years you’ve been riding, a highside or lowside motorcycle accident can happen to anyone. You never know when a distracted driver could bump your rear tire on Florida’s Turnpike, causing you to flip over the highside of your bike. Or when you’ll have to lay your bike down to avoid hitting an overturned truck on I-4, causing your bike’s low side to skid out from under you.

What you can know ahead of time is that when a biker is injured in any kind of accident, they will almost certainly face anti-biker bias from insurance companies. Many adjusters don't want to see past the “outlaw biker” stereotype. The Cerasa Law Firm LLC pushes through the anti-biker stigma the insurance companies use to discredit real claims. We work hard to get you the maximum compensation for your injury claim and bike damages.

Motorcycle accident lawyer Michael Cerasa believes that all people deserve access to experienced legal counsel from an attorney who will aggressively pursue compensation. That’s why he offers free case evaluations to potential accident clients and represents many motorcycle crash victims on contingency, meaning we only get paid when we win.

What causes low and high side motorcycle accidents?

A highside or lowside motorcycle accident can be caused by cars and trucks that bump a moving motorcycle’s wheel, defective bike parts, and sudden changes in road surfaces, as well as other situations like roadway litter and overgrown vegetation.

A lowside is also a regular outcome for motorcyclists who “lay down” their bikes to avoid a bigger wreck.

Side accidents most often happen around twists, curves and sharp turns.

A highsider or highside motorcycle accident occurs when there is a rapid loss and restoration of the back tire’s grip on the road. The sudden change in traction creates a jolt that often flips the rider, headfirst, over the high side of the bike (the handlebars).

In a lowsider or lowside motorcycle accident, either the front or back wheel slides out to the side. The tire does not regain traction with the road (like it does in a highside). In a lowside, the bike slides out in front of the rider.

What type of injuries can you get from a highside or lowside motorcycle accident?

The severity of high and low side crash injuries varies greatly. Highside accidents tend to be more dangerous because the rider is usually ejected in front of the bike, meaning the tumbling motorcycle could hit the biker. In a lowside, the bike flies out in front of the rider.

Some of the most common highside and lowside bike crash injuries are traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord damage, broken bones, hand fractures and road rash.

We spend more time on your case

Our firm has gotten millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for the accident victims we represent including residents, snowbirds, students, tourists, and visitors.

When people want to learn more about our exceptional firm, we mostly like to let our work and significant case results speak for us. That’s why you won’t see attorney Cerasa among the loud, hit-or-miss lawyers on TV. While they’re in the studio trying to hook new clients, we’re tracking down evidence to win your case.

If someone else’s recklessness led to you or a loved one being injured in a lowside or highside motorcycle accident, you need to understand your legal rights and options. To avoid future crippling medical debt, you should demand the compensation you require to fully heal from your injuries and maintain your health if the damage flares up years down the line.

In a free consultation with our firm, we will listen to you explain the details of your case, injuries, and what you have lost. Our legal team will create an aggressive, evidence-based plan designed to get the maximum payout from the insurance companies.

Attorney Cerasa takes many motorcycle accident claims on contingency. That means there is no retainer fee, no down payment, and no hourly rate for you to cover. Our fee is calculated into your settlement or verdict, which is paid for by the at-fault person’s insurance company. We only get paid when we win.

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