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Motorcycle Accidents at Intersections

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Florida has some of the most dangerous roads and intersections in the country. It is home to thousands of motorcycle accidents per year. Victims suffer serious injuries, which are sometimes fatal. At The Cerasa Law Firm LLC, we represent many of these same accident victims or their families in insurance negotiations or civil lawsuits.

Intersections remain a common site for motorcycle accidents. Car and truck drivers often fail to see motorcycles at a crossroads because their eyes are scanning quickly for another large vehicle, not a single person on a bike.

There are many types of motorcycle accidents that involve intersections, including:

  • Head-on collisions
  • Left-hand turn accidents
  • Lane-splitting
  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving
  • Hitting fixed objects
  • Distracted driving
  • U-turn collisions
  • Running into road hazards

Cerasa builds strong cases

Motorcycle accident lawyer Michael Cerasa builds strong cases that the insurance companies can’t ignore. When we demand the maximum compensation for your injuries, the adjusters will have a hard time finding reasons to say no.

It doesn’t take long after an accident for medical bills to start piling up among new past-due notices for other services. If you were injured on your motorcycle at an intersection due to someone else’s recklessness, you must file a claim if you want to have your medical bills and long-term recovery compensated.

Many American adults are in medical debt or are struggling to pay bills for necessary treatment. You need to get the full compensation for your claim so that if your injury acts up 5, 10, or even 20 years later, you will have the money required to get better.

Contact our firm for a free case evaluation. We will listen to you about what happened and what you must have to heal emotionally, physically, and financially from the accident. We will create a hardline strategy designed to get you the money you deserve.

The most dangerous intersections in Central Florida

Central Florida is a hotbed for motorcycle accidents.

Recently, a MetroPlan Orlando study identified some of the most dangerous intersections in the metro area, including:

  • Conroy Road at S Kirkman Road
  • W Sand Lake Road at International Drive
  • Turkey Lane Road at W Sand Lake Road
  • Sr-536 at Kissimmee-Vineland Road and World Center Drive
  • N Semoran Boulevard at Aloma Avenue
  • E Colonial Drive at Dean Road N
  • S John Young Parkway at W Oak Ridge Road
  • S Semoran Boulevard at Curry Ford and Semoran Boulevard S
  • S Orange Blossom at W Oak Ridge Road
  • N Garland Avenue at W Colonial Drive

Why does Florida have so many motorcycle intersection accidents?

Intersections have been a growing risk for motorcycle accidents not just here, but across the country. This is because there are more people riding bikes in urban areas than ever before.

In Florida, the problem is magnified. Our roads have not been able to keep up with the state’s exploding population. To cut down on traffic jams, Florida officials have focused on building streets that accommodate fast-moving traffic. While the risk of accidents is gaining attention; safety concerns have historically taken a back seat to speed.

Get the attorney that spends more time on cases than TV

We aren’t afraid to take on tough and complicated cases. We don’t care how big the person or company who wronged you is. Attorney Cerasa has won claims for clients against Audi and Volkswagen, as well as individual drivers.

Attorney Cerasa has a deep understanding of Florida law. He stays up to date on new cases, proposed legislation, and the latest research so that he can make the most undeniable argument for your claim.

Some lawyers spend their time on TV bragging about what they can do for you. While TV lawyers make their commercials, Attorney Cerasa is working hard on your case – digging into witness statements, collecting documents and data other lawyers would miss, and building a strong case against the negligent driver who hurt you.

You likely have one chance to get your claim right and get the compensation you need to properly heal and sustain you and your family for years to come. Attorney Cerasa gives free case consultations to accident victims and accepts most motorcycle accident claims on contingency, which means you pay nothing out of pocket for his services. Our fee is calculated into your settlement or favorable verdict. We only get paid when we win. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Contact us today.

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