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If you or a loved one is facing an immigration issue, it can feel like your entire life is on hold; it can effect your ability to gain meaningful employment or enroll in school. Whether you are in the application process, the appeals process, need a change in immigration status or just want to understand your options under U.S. Immigration law, Cerasa Law Firm can help.

Central Florida Immigration Lawyer

Immigration is a vast and complex area of law. There are three main types of immigration status, each with their own set of rules and eligibility. Regardless of what your purposes is for coming to the U.S., and whether you plan on staying for a short time or would like to become a permanent resident, we can help. For questions about how you, a family member or loved one can secure one or more of the following status, contact my office.

  • Conditional Permanent Resident
  • Law Permanent Resident (LPR) (commonly referred to as a “Green Card Holder”)
  • Naturalized Citizen

Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visa Types

There are several types of visas that achieve a variety of purposes under U.S. Immigration Law. A visa for the purpose of establishing residency is an immigrant visa. There are also non-immigrant visa for the purpose of schooling or other shorter-term stays in the U.S.. We help clients with all types of Visa applications, appeals and issues including:

  • Family & Employment Sponsored Visas
  • Visa Waivers
  • Tourist and Business Visitor Nonimmigrant Visas
  • Non immigrant Visas for Education

Dedicated and Accessible Immigration Lawyer

I am devoted to helping each of my immigration clients work through their case to the best possible outcome. I remain accessible during your case so that you understand where we are in the process and what to expect next. I am fluent in Spanish and am able to help you explain to your or your family members how the process works.

Free Consultation with an Immigration Lawyer Serving Orlando, Longwood, Altamonte Springs & Central Florida

You can start the process with a free initial consultation where I will answer your immigration questions, help you understand how U.S. Immigration Law applies to your specific situation, and give you the options and costs for moving forward.

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