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We seek medical treatment to get well, and the cutting edge of science and medicine has truly products some amazing and life-saving drugs and medical devices. However, in the quest for the next miracle device or drug, there are times that medical suppliers and pharmaceutical companies push products to the market before they are ready and have been adequately tested. These faulty drugs or devices can end up actively doing damage to the patient resulting in serious injury or even death.

When a defective product causes a serious injury, the victim and victim’s family may be able to claim compensation for medical costs, financial losses and suffering. These cases can be highly complex and success requires discipline, determination and hard work.

The Cerasa Law Firm has a record of success in cases in Florida and nationwide involving defective products and other acts of medical negligence. Our strategy is to out-research the other side and we outwork them. I make it clear to the insurance companies that we are ready to go to trial unless we get the full compensation that you and your family deserve.

Our firm represents clients in all types of product liability cases, such as those involving:

When someone has a “simple” injury, like a broken arm, it’s relatively easy to determine what the level of compensation should be. You calculate a few fairly concrete figures like the three or four medical treatments and the two or three weeks that you missed from work. However, when someone is injured from a faulty medical device or a defective drug, they may receive hundreds of medical treatments for years to come. They may never be able to work at the same level that they did before the injury. How do you appropriately compensate someone for losing a lifetime of productive and gainful employment? The answer is, it’s extremely complex, and you are much better off relying on the experience and expertise of an attorney.

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