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Rental Car Accidents

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There are a lot of rental cars on the road in the Orlando area, and when there’s a car accident, people can be hurt. But recovering financial compensation after a rental car collision can be complicated. The Cerasa Law Firm LLC knows how to handle these types of cases and will make sure that you are treated fairly.

Attorney Michael Cerasa knows how injuries from a car accident can impact your life – physically, mentally and financially. He offers clients the personal attention only a smaller firm can give. And because of his experience at larger law firms, he know how to build strong cases that get results.

What type of insurance does a rental car company sell?

Anyone who has ever rented a car has wrestled with the decision when asked the question: “Would you like to add comprehensive insurance with your rental?” You maybe were expecting to pay $40 or $60 a day to rent a car but find that number has sharply increased at the counter. You are faced with a tough decision because the rental car company is telling you that you will personally be responsible for any damage without the expensive coverage.

The fact of the matter is that the “policy” that you are purchasing from most rental companies is not even insurance (in so far as it is not regulated by the Department of Insurance). What you are typically buying is a “CDW” or an LDW” (a “Collision Damage Waiver” or a “Loss Damage Waiver”) which is actually just an agreement from the company that they will not hold you personally responsible for damage done to the car.

While the damage waivers offered by rental car companies will protect you from being personally liable for damage to the rental car, they do not provide comprehensive insurance coverage (which would additionally cover your Personal Injury Protection as well as liability coverage for any property or personal injury that is caused by the accident).

Even in a “normal” (not involving a rental) auto accident, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to delay, deny or devalue a claim for an injured person. When the auto accident involves a rental car (which may bring in multiple, overlapping policies) there is even more of an opportunity for the insurance companies to avoid their responsibility to their insured, and there is likely an even greater need for you to get a lawyer to protect your interests.

In many cases, paying with a major credit card (or using for a damage deposit) can provide comprehensive insurance when renting a car. All four of the major credit cards (Visa, Discover, American Express & Master Card) offer some form of rental car coverage. MasterCard has a few cards that do not include insurance. Contacting your credit card's customer service is a great way to find out what type of policy is available to you.

Does my existing auto insurance policy cover me when I'm in a rental car?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is “it depends.” Most policies do offer some level of coverage while you are in a rental car. However, the policy limits, type of coverage and ease of dealing with your insurance company after a car accident in a rental car may vary greatly.

In any car accident, there is a chance that the insurance company will delay, devalue or even deny your claim. With the added complexity of a rental car and the different (sometimes overlapping) insurance policies involved, having a lawyer on your side can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

That’s why it’s important to get trusted legal advice as soon as possible after an accident involving a rental car. Attorney Michael Cerasa offers a free initial consultation. Contact us to set up a time that works for you.

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