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Highway Accidents

An experienced Orlando who holds negligent drivers accountable

Thousands of cars use the highways in the Orlando area every day, traveling at high speeds. It takes only one negligent driver to cause a car accident that leaves people seriously injured. If you were hurt in a highway crash, you need an experienced car accident lawyer who can help you recover the financial compensation you deserve.

Attorney Michael Cerasa of The Cerasa Law Firm LLC used to work for big law firms, where he learned how to build strong cases that insurance companies have to take seriously. As founder of his own firm, he is much more accessible to clients and can personally guide them through the legal process every step of the way.

Fighting for the injured in Central Florida

An accident on any highway can significantly impact your life, whether it happened on I-4, the East-West Expressway, Florida’s Turnpike or the Beachline Expressway. You need medical treatment for your injuries and the cost can be overwhelming. You may be experiencing financial stress if you can’t work and there is less money coming in.

Insurance companies are supposed to help when you’ve been injured. But the truth is, they want to make money and are always thinking about the bottom line. So to keep their profits as high as possible, they try to keep payments as low as possible.

There are different methods they use to justify paying less. They may question the seriousness of your injuries or argue that they were pre-existing. They may argue that you were partially responsible for causing the accident.

Another common tactic is to offer you a settlement soon after the crash. They may tell you it’s the best that they can do and will promise quick payment. Their offer may seem tempting as your bills start adding up. The problem is that their offer will fall far short of covering the total damages you have suffered.

Insurance companies have lawyers looking out for their best interests. You need an attorney who is focused on what’s best for you. Attorney Cerasa knows how to deal with insurance companies and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

It costs nothing to get started

Our legal team investigates your highway accident to get the facts. We carefully review accident reports and interview witnesses. We know where to look for evidence that proves the other driver was speeding, texting, operating recklessly or driving under the influence. If needed, we consult accident reconstruction experts.

Attorney Cerasa is a skilled negotiator and litigator who will keep pushing your case forward until he reaches a resolution that meets your needs. He will fight for an outcome that includes compensation for all the damages you suffered. This includes compensation for current and future medical expenses, lost wages and other damages such as pain and suffering.

If you were hurt in a highway accident, it’s important to get legal advice as soon as possible. You have four years from the date of your accident to take legal action. But over time, the memories of witnesses can fade and evidence can be lost or destroyed. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn about your options.

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