Boating Accidents


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Just like the road, there are rules regulating the way we travel on water. Colliding with a boat or suffering some other type of boat-related injury may entitle you to compensation from those responsible.

With its abundance of lakes, swamps, rivers, and beaches, Florida has some of the highest boat accident rates in the United States. If you have been injured on the water, call The Cerasa Law Firm LLC today for a free consultation with a skilled Orlando boat accident lawyer. We can help you determine what your case is worth.

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What is a Boating Accident?

The term “boating accident” in the legal realm is broader than it sounds. Watercrafts of any size, from kayaks to yachts, can be involved in boating accidents. Whether you were injured while operating a boat, swimming, or riding a passenger watercraft, you have the right to file a boating injury claim against those responsible.

Common causes of boat accidents in Florida include:

  • Speeding
  • Overloading a vehicle
  • Drinking and operating a vehicle (boating under the influence)
  • Failure to protect a water skier or tube rider
  • Poor boat maintenance
  • Capsizing watercrafts with waves from large, high-speed boats

Many people fail to follow proper safety precautions when boating because they believe it to be safer than driving on roads. The truth is that accidents in the water are just as possible as accidents on land. vigilance is important for anyone operating a water vehicle.

Call an Experienced Boat Injury Lawyer in Florida

While pursuing your claim, you will want to work with an attorney experienced and knowledgeable in boating and maritime law. If you enlist The Cerasa Law Firm LLC as your legal counsel, you will work with a detail-oriented Longwood boat accident lawyer committed to obtaining the best outcome possible. As a contingency-fee firm, we do not collect any charges unless we win you compensation. You can count on us to relentlessly fight for everything you deserve after an injury!

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