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Lack of Flood Insurance Complicating Relief Efforts from Hurricane Matthew

The Orlando Sentinel has reported that many home and business owners who sustained devastating damage to their property from Hurricane Matthew have been left stranded due to lack of flood insurance on their properties.

Homeowners insurance and commercial business property insurance policies do not cover losses due to flooding. This can be especially problematic for property owners following hurricanes where often most damage comes from flooding from rain and/or storm surge, and not from wind driven debris.

Many people do not purchase flood coverage, which is underwritten by the Federal Government and issued by private insurers because it is often an optional coverage. Many mortgage lenders only require home and business owners to purchase flood insurance if they are located in a flood zone. The irony is that if the property is not located in a flood zone, it is often quite inexpensive to purchase. Given that the majority of damage caused by Hurricane Matthew was from flooding and not wind, it’s important for Floridians to purchase flood insurance to compliment their existing coverage.

If you have had damage from Hurricane Matthew, contact the Cerasa Law Firm’s property damage to learn your rights. Don’t accept anything from the insurance company without a consultation.