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Do Attorney Awards and Ratings Matter?

Should your lawyer be highly rated on Avvo and be a “SuperLawyer”?

If you are looking for a lawyer, you’ve likely noticed that many law firms have a series of ratings or badges across their website.  Companies like Avvo, SuperLawyers, Lawyers.com and several others award ratings and different designations to lawyers.  “Top Lawyers under 40” or “Top 1% of Lawyers” or “Top 100 Lawyers” are all very impressive sounding designations, but they can also open up some questions.

  • How are these law firm awards determined?
  • Do the lawyers and law firms listed have to pay for the placement?
  • Who is voting on who gets awarded?
  • Are awards really a good measure of whether or not a lawyer is right for your case?

Some of these companies exist for the sole purpose of selling advertising to law firms.  Some of them designate an attorney as being in the “Top 100” without actually specifying exactly what they’re in the Top 100 of.  For instance, I would obviously be overwhelmed and proud to named one of the top 100 lawyers in the country, or even in the state of Florida.  Really, even to be named one of the top 100 lawyers in the Orlando area would be pretty impressive.  But what does it say if I’m in the top 100 Lawyers in Longwood Florida?  (hint: there are less than 100 lawyers in Longwood, FL).

To read more about lawyer ratings and whether not they should influence your decision about how to hire a lawyer, see the full page on our website by clicking here.

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