Bicycle Accidents


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Bicyclists are by far the most vulnerable people sharing the road. A bike offers no protection when hit by a car, and the chances of coming out of these accidents uninjured are slim. Even if you are able to stand and walk after a bike accident, you should still seek medical attention as soon as possible. Not all injuries are immediately apparent, and there is a strong likelihood that you suffered internal injuries.

Your first priority after a bike accident should be recovering. A lawsuit may seem overwhelming with all you are dealing with at the moment, which is why at The Cerasa Law Firm LLC our Longwood bicycle accident attorney takes the time to learn everything he can about our clients. Once we understand your goals and needs, we can pursue them on your behalf in the courtroom. With our help, you can obtain all the compensation you are owed to aid in your recovery.

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What Caused Your Bike Accident?

In the confusion of a bicycle accident, it may be difficult to tell exactly what happened. The cause of a bicycle accident plays a key role in a personal injury case. Don’t worry, if you do not know or can’t remember the details of your accident, an attorney can investigate for you.

There are several common causes of bicycle accidents. Most investigations start by confirming or ruling out these factors as the cause:

  • The car was driving too close to the bicyclist. In Florida, cards must be at least three feet away from cyclists.
  • The driver failed to yield to a bicyclist. Bicyclists almost always have the right away.
  • The driver did not use a blinker when turning, failing to notify they bicyclist they would be intercepting his or her route.
  • The road was unsafe for bicyclists and did not provide adequate warning. In these cases, the city or property owner may be held liable.

To determine the cause, your attorney may track down witnesses, request footage from traffic cameras, and speak with the first responders. While we are investigating, our clients have a chance to rest and relax knowing their case is being handled.

Pursue Your Case Without Legal Fees

Our Longwood bicycle accident lawyer works on contingency fees. If you enlist our services, we will pursue your case without charging any legal fees until you receive compensation. When we take a case, we are confident we can help our clients recover damages. This is why you do not owe us anything unless your case is successful. You do not need to worry about legal costs while fighting for what you need to recover from your accident.

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