Insurance Company Tricks to Avoid

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We've all seen the ads about how great and friendly the people who work at insurance companies are. Insurance companies spend a ridiculous amount of money trying to convince you that they are your friend, but the reality is quite different. Insurance companies make profits in the billions of dollars every year and they don't do it by giving money away. Insurance companies have become increasingly difficult to work with after an injury. They work tirelessly to delay, devalue or even out right deny your claim. We put together these tricks that are common in the insurance world to help people who have been hurt avoid them. If you have been injured in an accident and need help getting a fair settlement from the insurance company, call Michael Cerasa for a free initial consultation today.

Making You Give Them a Statement or Interview

After an accident the representative from the insurance company might suggest that you need to give an interview to go over specific details about the accident or talk about your injury in general. Criminal defense lawyers always tell their clients “DO NOT TALK to the police” and the reason why is because they police are not interviewing you to do general fact-finding; they are interviewing you to see if you are guilty! The exact same goes for the insurance company; their entire motivation for interviewing you is to find a way to twist what you said into a reason to devalue, delay or deny your claim.

-Do NOT give a statement to the insurance company. If they ask you to, tell them you need to speak with a lawyer first.

Suggesting that You Do Not Need a Lawyer

As soon as the insurance company knows that you are considering hiring a lawyer, they will very likely try to convince you that you do not need a lawyer and that an attorney will just complicate your recovery process. The insurance company knows that with a lawyer on your side they will be unable to take advantage of your lack of experience in resolving an injury claim.

“Routine Paperwork”

If at any point you are asked to sign anything, it's very important that you have it reviewed by a lawyer immediately. Insurance companies can misrepresent the contents of a contract knowing that you're probably not going to read or understand the entire thing. You may very well be signing away your right to collect for your injury! Always have a lawyer review anything you sign that comes from an insurance company after an accident.

Independent Doctors

If the insurance company asks you to see one of their “independent” doctors, they are almost certainly NOT independent. You need a doctor who works for you, not the insurance company. If you are asked to do an “independent medical examination” talk to a lawyer right away. Going and seeing a doctor who works for the insurance company will ONLY benefit the insurance company.

Asking You to Release Medical Records

Very similar to the strategy above, but they will also ask you to release your medical records to them. On the surface, it's seems fair that they would need to know about your injury. However, the reason that they want your medical records is to call into question their responsibility for your injury. If you were hurt in any way in the past, they will likely try to associate that injury with the symptoms you are feeling now to suggest that you had a pre-existing condition BEFORE the accident. If you are asked to release any medical information to the insurance company, talk to an injury lawyer right away.

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