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Why Hire The Cerasa Law Firm LLC?

What sets The Cerasa Law Firm LLC apart from other injury law firms in Longwood, FL is the personal, dedicated attention we provide to every client. We want to be the ones helping you get through this difficult time, meaning that, as a client, you can expect to speak directly with your attorney, one-on-one whenever you need them.

From the moment you walk through our doors, we take the effort to get to know you and start planting the seeds for a long-lasting, trusted attorney-client relationship.

Our Methodology

First and foremost, our attorneys are counselors. We want to make sure clients feel comfortable being open with us and telling us everything they can about their case and what they hope to accomplish. In turn, we make honesty and transparency a key part of our attorney-client relationship. If we are hired as your legal counsel, we will provide you with upfront answers on what we expect your case can achieve from the moment we start working with you. We need to learn as much about your case as possible, including factors that you think might hurt your chances, so we can fully prepare an effective, rock-solid argument.

Some benefits of making The Cerasa Law Firm LLC your legal counsel include:

  • Representation from an attorney with over 10 years of experience.
  • Create a strong attorney-client relationship built on honesty and openness.
  • Our team has spent years dealing with insurance companies and understands their legal strategy.
  • Free consultations and cases are handled on a contingency basis- you don’t pay us anything unless we get you results!

Better, Not Bigger

While working with a large law firm may sound like a great decision on the surface, firms that big typically take on high caseloads often don't have the time or resources to fully address each and every case that comes their way. Oftentimes, clients of these firms will arrive at a meeting only to find they are meeting with a paralegal or assistant, rather than their actual attorney.

As a smaller firm, we can carefully pace our caseload to ensure every client will have ample opportunity to meet with and speak to their attorney. As we mentioned, getting to know you plays a major part in our legal strategy, and neither you nor our lawyer can afford to have your case pushed to the backburner.

To schedule a free consultation at The Cerasa Law Firm LLC, call us today at (407) 315-2932.

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