Lime and Bird Rental Scooter Injuries

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Recently the Orlando City Council approved a plan to allow the popular Lime and Bird rental scooters into the city.  These scooters have received mixed reactions in other cities as they are an efficient way to move through the city, but they are also seen as a nuisance as they are potentially dangerous and generally unregulated.  Orlando will undoubtedly see injuries from accidents involving Bird and Lime scooters; if you have been hurt in an accident, contact Mike Cerasa to learn about your options for pursuing compensation.

The Lime and Bird Scooter User Agreement

If the way they are used in other cities is any indicator, the great majority of Lime and Bird Scooter users will be violating one of two main rules:

  1. Helmets are Required When Using a Scooter
  2. No Sidewalk Riding - You Are Supposed to Ride the Scooters in the Bike Lane

Following the rules on a scooter is important because the scooter companies are not going to be responsible for an injury that happens when you're not following the rules.  That means that if you're riding on the sidewalk, without a helmet and get hurt, it's extremely unlikely that you would have any type of injury claim against the scooter company.

If You Were Injured on a Scooter In an Accident With a Car

Assuming you were riding the scooter in the bike lane, if you are in an accident with an automobile (a car, truck, bus, motorcycle or commercial delivery vehicle) they we may be able to pursue a claim against the insurance of the vehicle that hit you.  While the liability laws apply in the same way, it may be difficult to get insurance companies to pay out on scooter injury claims, especially in the beginning. 

If You Were Injured By Someone Riding a Scooter

As mentioned above, you are not supposed to ride the scooters on the sidewalks.  Cracks and uneven sections of the sidewalk make it dangerous for the scooter rider.  The scooters are also a danger to pedestrians who should have free use of the sidewalk and not need to dodge scooters coming at them at up to 15 mph.  If you have been hurt in a collision where you were walking and were hit by a Lime or Bird scooter, call me today for a free consultation.

Free Consultation for Bird or Lime Scooter Accidents & Injuries

There are several possible insurance and liability scenario when a Lime or Bird Scooter causes an accident or injury.  I will help you understand how we can hold the person who caused your injuries responsible.  There is no up-front cost to hire me to handle your claim, and you only pay if we are successful in making a financial recovery.  Contact me today to learn more.

Questions about an Auto Accident in Florida?

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