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Central Florida Social Security Benefits Lawyer

Denied Benefits? Disabled Child? Scheduled Social Security Disability Hearing? We Can Help.

When Social Security Disability Benefits are either delayed, denied, or the incorrect amount is paid, it can be difficult to know how to take the first step. The Social Security Administration is a very large government bureaucracy and it can feel like it’s impossible to have your voice heard. When you have an effective lawyer on your side who is experienced with the social security benefits process, it’s easier to get better results, work through the process and get the benefits that you deserve.

Questions about Social Security Benefits? Call my office for a free initial consultation today.

If you decide to hire me, there is no up-front fee, and you only pay when we have secured benefits on your behalf, which means if we do not get you the benefits you deserve, you pay nothing.

We Will Help You Get the Benefits You Deserve.

Whether you are just applying for Social Security benefits, you have already been denied, or you have an upcoming hearing, we can help. The unfortunate fact is, people who should qualify for benefits are denied by the social security administration every day. Being denied critical benefits when you have no where else to turn can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated. As your attorney, I will help you feel empowered and help you work through the system. I help people with all types of social security issues, including:

  • Initial application for Social Security Benefits
  • Reconsideration of Denied Social Security Disability Claims
  • Hearings before a Social Security Administrative Law Judge
  • Administrative Appeals

Don’t Get Treated Like a Number. We Know You are a Person Who Just Needs some Help.

We understand that people would much rather go to work than collect benefits from social security. We know that when people rely on social security benefits that they very likely are doing so as a last resort and have no where else to turn. We help people get the benefits that they need so that they can get their lives back on track.

Put experience and expertise on your side and get started with a free initial consultation. Again there are no attorneys fees unless we secure benefits on your behalf, so you only pay me after you get paid. Call 407-995-6770 today to get your questions answered and start the process.


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