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A Longwood Insurance Lawyer That Can Take on Big Insurance Companies

When you’re filing a civil suit, nine times out ten you’re not fighting the person responsible for your accident, but their insurance provider. Insurance companies are the ones who really take a loss when a lawsuit is filed, and they can be relentless when trying to mitigate your claim or their client’s responsibility, even if said client has admitted fault.

At The Cerasa Law Firm LLC, our Longwood personal injury lawyer is highly experienced in dealing with the insurance companies. He knows what kinds of strategies they use, and the various methods they use to convince victims of injury that they are not entitled to everything they are truly owed. While the representative you may speak with may be friendly and personable, they are making use of the tactics insurance companies have created to minimize the compensation they owe.

From car accidents to personal injury protection claims, we have battled insurance companies in a wide array of legal arenas. We are committed to obtaining the best result possible for our clients, ensuring they are given what they truly need to make a more wholesome recovery.

Contact The Cerasa Law Firm LLC today to arrange your free consultation. You can reach us at (407) 315-2932. We work on a contingency-fee basis!

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